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Full committee participation remains necessary to legalize marijuana

The more, the merrier, and no, we are not just saying that the more folks lighting up their spliffs or joints, the more smiles and laughs there will be going round and round the social circle. That may well be the case if you are regular marijuana smoker but it’s probably still illegal out your way. So, just to be on the safe side, why don’t you just start up a campaigning committee to legalize the use of your favorite weed for once and for all? You will be surprised. By the time you’ve put out your first social media banner, just see how many folks come out through the woodwork, like dormant termites just woken up after a long snooze. 

These folks chose to remain hidden for good reason. They did not wish to be caught with their paws in the cookie jar. They did not wish to be branded as an offender, and yet, on occasion if they are, for lack of a better expression, responsible recreational users, they need to be re-creative, if you will, in secret. Because there is still a good chance that some or another elderly grandmother with a fondness for fine binoculars or looking glasses and the acrobatic ability to perch herself on her dining room table will be alerting the fuzz.

No matter how tedious and trivial the complaint may be the fuzz is duty bound and constitutionally bound to come over there, to your place, that is. There could be a rapping on your door while you’re still in a buzz. Because your recreational use is still illegal, even if done peacefully and quietly within the confines of your own home where no-one should be able to see you. So, as a responsible and respectful citizen who, at the best of times, bothers no-one, what is to be done? How will you ever be able to enjoy a quiet joint, far healthier than legal tobacco paper rolled cigarettes – how does that even make sense, the stuff is poisonous and yet its legal, the good green stuff can be good for you and yet it’s illegal.


As in all contentious cases, and if it hasn’t already been addressed – in most cases it has – you can approach your elected representative for guidance on the matter. Just how in hell’s name can marijuana be legalized. Better still; get a respected group of men and women together in one room to thrash out a way forward. This is indicative of full committee participation where all and sundry are qualified experts who are better able to put forward a progressive case. Because they are more than knowledgeable in the iconic weed, they will also know how to refine its source so that it can be free of dangerous carcinogens for the benefit of mainstream society.

Because after all, they do not have the benefit of a corner dealer like you do.     

16 Medical Malpractice Facts

Medical malpractice occurs more often than it should, and it seems the numbers are only rising. There is much concerning medical malpractice important for you to know. We’re here to provide you some of that information about medical malpractice. You can never be too prepared in today’s crazy world. If you want more information concerning medical malpractice, including information about determining if your case qualifies as medical malpractice, free, accurate information is available at  But, learn these facts before you go on to learn the rest of the information!

1.    Medical malpractice ranks as the 6th leading cause of death inside the United States.

2.    Preventable errors are responsible for over 190,000 patient deaths in hospitals each year

3.    Overall, more than 220,000 people die due to preventable negligence from their health care providers.

4.    Over $38 billion has been paid to patients who were misdiagnosed between the years 1986 – 2010.

5.    Medical professionals, whether a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or someone else in the industry, must adhere to the standard of care set forth in the medical community. When this is not followed, medical malpractice is more likely to occur.

6.    Each year, approximately 80,000 people die as the result of a diagnosis error

7.    Over 80% of all medical malpractice cases heard in court end without a payout.

8.    Medical malpractice lawyers increase the odds that a patient will receive compensation in their lawsuit.

9.    Each year, approximately 17,402 lawsuits are filed in a U.S. court of law for medical malpractice complaints.

10.  The CMS, or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, no longer provides patient reimbursement for eight certain conditions, preventing a patient from suing, or at least collecting any money. Those conditions are surgical site infections; air embolism; hospital-acquired injuries; pressure ulcers such as bed sores; blood incompatibility; vascular catheter associated infections; and catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

11.  Statue of limitations are in place that limit the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit if you are injured in an accident. In most states, this is two years.

12.  If you file a medical malpractice lawsuit, don’t expect it to be a case that is in and out of court. Many of these cases take several months, and sometimes year, to fight in court. On average, it takes about 2 years for a medical malpractice to get through the legal steps.

13.  Over 1.3 million injuries occur in the U.S. each year due to medication errors.

14.  There is quite a bit of money spent on wasteful products in the health care industry each year. It is estimated that of that, about $700 million is spent, unnecessarily, on tests and procedures.

15.  The CDC reports that about 1.7 million people catch a contagious infection or disease while inside of a hospital for other reasons than treatment.

16.  There is no truth behind the statement that most medical malpractice complaints and lawsuits are frivolous. In fact, the evidence would point an entirely different picture of events.